Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Leather tshirt - would you wear one?

When it was highlighted as a trend this past spring, I didn't care for them. But does it ever happen that you start liking things that you at first scorned? This is the case here. Why I am drawn to the boxy, no shape, pseudo-unflattering silhouette a leather tee is beyond me. There's no rocker child that needs to come out. Lords knows where I would wear it... all I know is that I desire to have one!

Givenchy lambskin tshirt (comes in red or black)
$1330 at Barneys.com

Nicole Richie wearing her own Winter Kate laser cut out leather tee
$450 - Sold out
Photo: peoplestylewatch.com

Balenciaga faux leather tee
More affordable at $228 at Farfetch.com

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