Saturday, September 29, 2012

Alexander Wang's mini fashionista niece

Does this python dress come adult-size?
I've featured fashionable kids in the past and now this little girl has me taking more notes! Well, with the possibility that I will get to put this research to good use starting next spring. ;)

This adorable and edgy tot is Aila Wang, the niece of American designer Alexander Wang. Photographers have snapped photos of her mini sartorial style at NY Fashion Week. Word has it she is only three years old and her uncle designs her clothes. Lucky kid! I know there's always the debate over parents dressing kids up "adult-like" but I don't see child "toddlers and tiaras"-style pageantry here. No makeup, made up hair, or heels. Just a more couture twist on the a wee girly girl style. Mom and dad's should consider if you're seeing a lot of pink frills around your house. :)


Cool flatforms- very on trend

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