Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fantasy House-sitting

Front lawn view of Mr Louboutin's home
Photo: Alexandre Bailhache/WSJ photo
Inspired by a recent visit from a friend who was "house sitting", I got the notion that I would love to "house sit" for Christian Louboutin's 13th century manor in the Vendee region of France. Dana Thomas of The Wall Street Journal has visited his regal abode and put together an in-depth profile of Louboutin's French country side home. I encourage a read to get the full details on the artifacts Louboutin has collected from his world wide travels- pieces in which he uses to decorate his home and his 8,000 pair shoe archive. He has that many pairs spanning his 20 years of designing shelved away in a quaint rustic barn. Can you see why I would choose his home over any other?
Actually, I would also lose myself in his enchanted garden of peonies and wisteria. So if he divides his time between 5 homes in Paris, Portugal, Egypt, Los Angeles, and this country manor... that would mean very lengthy house-sitting stays! What would I wear everyday of my stay.. a new pair of Louboutin shoes, bien sur!
Go to the Wall Street Journal article to see the full gallery.
Of his garden, Mr Louboutin says "It allows me to see blends of colour,
juxtapositions of gloss and matte surfaces"
Photo: Alexandre Bailhache/WSJ photo

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