Thursday, August 30, 2012

Vacation acquisitions

We Canadians sure love cross border shopping, don't we? Now that the government has increased the personal exemption limit to $800 if you are gone longer than 48 hours, the more you can shop duty free.

Even better is shopping Seattle (or anywhere in Washington) for Albertans- it is tax free! Just let them know you are from Alberta, show your driver's license, and they deduct ALL taxes off your total. Pretty nice!

Coincidentally, both hubby and I picked up Burberry tees and aviator sunglasses- and yes, we order the same menu items, too! Kidding aside, I was seeking out Tom's classic aviator sunglasses but ended up picking up these Chanel ones in the gold colour:

Photo: from

I love them! Never thought I could pull off aviators before. Then I found a couple things at Nordstrom Rack including Gryphon shorts and this Winter Kate Willow vintage silk top:

Photo: from Planet Blue (sold out)

It was my consolation find as I had to heart-breakingly walk away from a Marni top that was marked 80% off to $269. That was still a bit steep for a top- I am in conservative mode, right?!?

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