Monday, August 6, 2012

Five minute storytelling

It's been a little summer hiatus- or the truth is I haven't found anything of interest of late. It happens... sometimes things do get a little uninspiring even for those truly obsessed. And with the heat wave, who wants to look at fall/winter stuff that is trickling into the stores now? I'd rather have a million Klondike bars than look at fall boots right now.. :)

But I do wish to share something I enjoy, even though they are simply advertisements. They call them fashion short films. Most are stories told within 5 to 8 minutes. You may recall the Chanel ones with Audrey Tautou on that midnight train, or the Dior Lady series with Marion Cotillard. Some are well done, cinematographic rich and others drag or are quite senselessly cheesy. I just saw the new Gucci short film/ad with Blake Lively and I wasn't riveted by it at all.

There is a write up about Quention Jones, a young fashion short film maker that I just read. She does shorts for Chanel, Victoria Beckham, Hogan, and Kenzo. Her latest project debuted on and it's worth a watch and the article is worth a read. The advert is for Tibi's Fall/Winter 2012 and its a series of moving stills- like animation. Tibi is based in NYC and has nice contemporary street wear.

Also check out this short clip from, "A Day in the Life of Quentin Jones" and get a feel of the creative process:

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