Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Style intervention.. to do or not to do!

Normally if my mother fails to dress her age, we give her a hard time about it. We can only go to so many weddings with her dressed in someone's prom dress. With strangers however, I tend to just observe and wonder if they are aware of their little fashion faux pas. The last couple days I had to hold myself back and fight the urge to say something to this lady I see on my commute everyday.

You see, she is quite older- I would guess in her late 50's or early 60's by her appearance. And she does have amazing legs for her age.. but yesterday she wore something almost exactly like this outfit: (exact colour with no navel baring and slightly wee more length in the skirt.. and she paired it with shiny gold high heeled pumps)

Photo: from google searching under "kids neon green track skirt suit"

And today, she wore double pig tails and this sweater & short skirt (again!). I feel so cruel for sneaking a photo, but I couldnt illustrate the situation without doing so. I think the yellow/grey sweater was pretty funky, but I think she has so much potential. I've seen her dress classy and appropriately for her age on other occasions! She can definitely show off her great legs in a pencil skirt or in a shift dress. How do you tell a stranger its not in their best interest to dress like a 6 yr old? I tell myself to mind my own business, but it's too much to bear! oh dear...


  1. Ohhhh, this is bad! I think you need to get Clinton and Stacey up here to do it for you. Or offer her your services in failing that.

  2. Well, there's a little background to that would bar me from approaching her. I have caught her looking me over every so often, so she may have a youth complex and may not "appreciate" any advice!