Wednesday, April 11, 2012

S.O.A.F Digest meets Instagram!!

Every time my dear hubby drags me to Best Buy with him, I leave him in the computer geek section (No, not the cool Apple table, but the aisles with the 3 terra-byte external hard drives and other gadgets!). I wander to digital cameras and browse the entry level digital SLRs. I am not even remotely an amateur photographer, but I love those fashion blogs with the fantastic photography. Maybe that's also why I don't take those what-am-I-wearing photos. Of course, the bloggers carry their giant professional cameras everywhere to capture these gorgeous images.They just make the clothes and accessories come to life. You know that this is an obsessed-person's speak, right?

Being the slow and resistant one to new apps, I just started experimenting today with Instagram. Without the expensive camera that I wouldn't know how to use- sounds practical, right? So far so good... The filters will get old soon enough, but it is a bit of an upgrade from the little point-n-shoot camera.

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