Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Changing of the red guard...

In Los Angeles... bye bye dear red friend!

The debate is always on about what is the classic trench coat colour. On the PurseForum, there are a few threads that tackle the debate and the common favorites are either black or trench (yes, that beige colour the trench coat is known for). Despite the hype that trench coats have gotten with mall retailers this season, the most classic trench coat if you asked anyone is from Burberry- Brit, London, or Prorsum.

So this is my lead up to share that sadly, I have replaced my beloved $30 red coat that I found in San Diego back in 2007. It was from a store called Papaya that is probably most akin to the Forever 21's of the world. The red was just awesome and it wore well for a really cheap jacket. If you went through my photo albums, I've been photographed wearing it in LA, Toronto, Vancouver, Shanghai, and elsewhere. Talk about case of the travelling coat! I loved it and it can only replaced with something special - a classic Burberry trench in military red.

Even if red is not one of the two classic colours, I've embraced a red coat for 5 years already... I think I'll be a-ok!

P.S. I would have to be ok with it... since it's my last big indulgence for a very very long time. I promise! xoxo

Sorry no modeling shots of moi!
It's available at - duty is included!

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