Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lovely Lanvin.. at Winners?!?

Yesterday we dropped off the Calgary Trail Winner's location (my place to score cheap designer denim!), and it there was just an explosion of "Runway" black label racks. I'm talking about 4x's more floor space then than the usual slim pickings. So my friends and I had a merry time picking through on-off pieces from Stella McCartney, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, etc  Of course, the buying lessons for shopping "Runway" stuff at Winners is:

My favorite try-on (and the only thing that fit), a Lanvin dress!
Of all places, eh? Anyhow, Winners is not a where I'd pay $999.
1) No one really goes there to spend $699 on a dress - leave it and it will be there in a couple months on clearance, where no one will rush to buy it at $399 either. By then it would have dropped on the muddy floor and picked up a few stains and tears and you'd have to still really like it to buy it "as is".

2) It's there for a reason - check all seams, stitching, sizes, stains etc.. things may not be what they appear to be size-wise. We just don't rush to use the d term.. hint, it rhymes with "effective".

3) If you and your shopping companion like the same thing? Forget about finding a second one - she who finds it first, gets it!

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