Sunday, January 8, 2012

This warms my shallow heart...

Target advertisement from

Two big retailers, Target and Nordstrom, had included a 6 year old model named Ryan in their catalogue advertising. Ryan was born with Down's Syndrome. The beauty of it that's garnering a lot of respect is that the companies have not brought attention to themselves for promoting inclusion of people born with special needs. Their actions without self-touting publicity sure speaks volumes! A proud Daddy-blogger has highlighted this story best on his Noah's Dad Blog if you wish to read more.

I also want to share a personal story on this topic. When I was 14 yrs old, I attended a barbeque and the hosts had friends who were a couple with a daughter born with Down's. She was the happiest and giggly little girl ever! This couple were expecting a second child and in the car ride home, the people who gave me a ride home mentioned how they were so glad for the couple that they have the option of terminating the pregnancy (even at a late stage) if the second child also had Down's. I remember how this made me so angry and sad that they held this opinion. I can only imagine the amount of patience and heart it requires to raise a child with special needs; but never can I fathom the thought that any child does not deserve life. Just a thought...

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