Monday, January 16, 2012

Red bag battle royale

Seeing this new ad with Mila Kunis for the Miss Dior bag collection made me wonder... can this red Miss Dior give the classic red Chanel Flap a run for its money?

Page from my Vogue's Best Dressed issue w/
blogger Hanneli Mustaparta

Let's see...

1) The Miss Dior in the geranium colour is lambskin quilted in a "Cannage" stitching pattern. The red Chanel is also lambskin and quilted in the classic diamond pattern.

2) Both are flap style with a main structured compartment, little flat side pockets, and are available in a size measuring roughly 10" x 6"x 2.5"

3) Both come with feminine chain straps - Miss Dior interlocking rectangles vs leather interlaced Chanel chain

4) Both are exorbitantly priced-  Miss Dior $3100 - $3400 depending on short/long strap and Chanel's $3800 - $4100 for a small/med classic flap

5) Down to the Dior vs Chanel imperialism debate... on the Purseforum (aka my second home), Chanel has 446 users viewing the designer thread vs Dior with 40 users viewing its thread

6) Designer "muses".. Dior has been impressive with using Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, and the epitome of French chic-ness (and my ultimate girl crush), Marion Cotillard for campaign endorsements. Chanel has used Lily Allen for Coco Cocoon and Blake Lively for its Mademoiselle Collections. Ugh, hands down Dior wins in this category.

Ok, so I am running out of comparisons. As much as I love Mila Kunis, if I had the choice- and 2 months worth of mortgage $$ to blow - my heart belongs to Chanel.  To each their own, though. Both are utterly gorgeous bags.

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