Saturday, March 5, 2011

This girl better live up to the hype

What do you know, Chanel threw Blake Lively a grand tea party of sorts at la Grenouille in New York. Rumour mill hints that it was because poor Miss Blake couldn't make it to the fall runway show in Paris. I hope it's totally rumour. She was named the face of the Mademoiselle bag line a few months ago, and she is now Chanel-everywhere. Even more of a walking billboard than the Gossip Girl-everywhere she was before.  Honestly, I am just jealous of all the clothes she get. I even like this white frock she's wearing. I seriously hope she pulls up some talent to back up all the hype she gets. Maybe I should give in and watch Gossip Girl...

Photo: Billy Farrell / c/o

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  1. I'm set on not watching GG... but then again, I don't have much temptation as we don't have cable.