Sunday, March 20, 2011

Retailers Support Japan...
 Retail companies like Coach, Uniqlo, Forever 21, and H&M noted their campaigns to support relief efforts to the people of Japan. H&M announced it has presently closed all its stores in Kanto Region (including Tokyo). Their website stated they are doing this out of concern for their colleagues who need to be with their families during this difficult time. The company is also donating about 100,000 garments to the Japanese Red Cross.

 And  Forever 21 announced 100% of their online sales from Friday March 18 2011 were donated to the relief fund.

 Really, it is encouraging to see how the world has come together. Japan is the world's 3rd strongest economy and if anyone can recover this, it would be them. I've read and have been impressed with how the Japanese people maintained their strong sense of unity, honor, and respect for their fellow citizens in a time of crisis. Let's hope this humanitarian aid from corporations continue not just for them but also for other countries hit by devastation. Or better yet, let's hope mother nature shows some mercy and not repeat herself.

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