Friday, February 4, 2011

A couple stunning magazine covers

I have been on the hunt for a note-worthy magazine to mention this month and the January cycle has gone by.  So in lieu of a mag with content, lets be shallow and gawk at two super eye-catching covers. Sorry I'm not including that hyped-up W cover with a nude Kim Kardashian. Not my thing. Rather, you can check out the world's most beautiful woman, Aishwayra Rai for Vogue India. She's just so naturally gorgeous and too bad the crazy photoshoppers have angulated her rounder features and voluptuousness. Check out this entry from Skinny vs Curvy to see the real vs photoshopped versions of my favorite Bollywood actress. Sure she married a tree, but I'm totally cool with cultural diversity.

And the second cover pick is the girl-I-wish-I-can-look-like, Mila Kunis, for LA Times Magazine. Again, there's a bit of a ballet theme, but I'm not tired of that- not yet anyways! :)


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