Monday, April 29, 2013

Renewed love for the Purseblog

I don't know how long ago I strayed from keeping up with my first favourite handbag obsessed site, the Purseblog. It has been a few years. I blame it on the fact that I discovered the Purseblog Forum and that is enough distraction to keep my occupied (and lusting) for hours. This site is partially responsible for my love of Hermes, Chanel, and Balenciaga bags... and introduction to Goyard and contemporary brands like Alexander Wang, Botkier, and Rebecca Minkoff.

I checked back to my old addiction and found that they had run a "The Many Bags of..." series where they post particular celebs and their handbag collections - at least what they have been photographed carrying. It brings back memories of days of discovering "when-so-and-so-carried-what-and-then-everyone-had-it". It is celebrity bag stalking all compiled and ready for your prowling.  I hope they cover more ladies like Anna della Russo, Sarah Rutson, and Natasha Goldenberg. I love the bags they sport! For more, I think I'll be occupied for a while yet...  see for yourself at The Purse Blog


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