Monday, March 18, 2013

Idle thoughts & innovations involving shoes

A few days ago, I suffered a bout of depression because I had to resist the urge to bring something home from Holt Renfrew's sale. We are talking about $1500 Celine leather knee high boots marked down to $370? And Special Edition Louboutins, Roger Vivier, and Alexander Wang shoes marked down by 75%? I was in love with the Celine boots. Even though they were a size bigger than my usual and I could not get my cankles and swollen calves into them, the thought passed still through my mind that at such a great price I can take them home and I can use them to motivate myself to get back to my pre-pregnancy size! Yeah right. Good think sanity kicked in and I had to walk away in sadness- more so when I watched other girls try them on as well and they looked soo great on!

Photo from Ebay where same boots are listed btw $800-1200 USD

Oh welps... I came home and had some free time (3 day weekend, yeah!) that I tried on some of the shoes in my closet to reassure myself that I will fit them again one day when all the swelling goes down. Well, if that never happens, guess who's going to have to sell some footwear!? *sniff sniff*

Anyhow, I accidentally pulled my ankle straps off my Tod's Aspen pumps, which I mentioned last year. Then I removed the other one, connected the two.. and created a double tour-like patent periwinkle bracelet:

And back to boots... at least the burgundy Barbara Bui riding boots I picked up in Paris still fit! Too bad there is way too much snow and slush to take them out now that we are back home.

early morning @cafe on Rue Saint Germaine, Paris

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