Saturday, February 7, 2015

Non Penguin Orchestra Attire

The last time we were at the symphony, I thought the conductor was the most energetic, enigmatic little man.. until the I read the program notes during intermission and realised it was a woman! She was dressed in the most unflattering, androgynous black suit so from behind, one couldn't tell her gender.

So why do I care now? Well... D, a local musical director has been invited to conduct 3 events in Toronto, which is a huge honour and a fantastic opportunity to her. However, she was in a style quandary- what to wear? So next week we will be on a shopping mission for her to get some ideas. I don't know how strict the dress code is for symphony performers but if you want to take a spin on the traditional attire, these looks below come to mind:

Photos: Vogue, Instyle

But if there's leeway for a little self expression (IMO :) I would totally try these:

Photos: Stylecaster, Styledumonde

Wish us luck that we find sometime great for D!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Sabbatical break!

A very much delayed Happy 2015!

Street style inspiration for my IM boots.
Photo: Optimus Images
When they say life gets in the way, it sure does! Plus the fact that there hasn't been much in the fashion world that excites me enough to write. Call it apathy if you will.. I'll just attribute it getting old and shopping (a little) less. The only mention-worthy purchases in the last few months would be a Balenciaga ugly-but-quirky sweater and these Isabel Marant Knowles snow boots that I've been wearing with everything.

Then it also dawned on me that with our upcoming trip to Europe in May, I will be scratching off 3 fantasy getaways that I shared on SOAF. We have our tickets for the 2015 Monaco F1 Grand Prix, which also means we'll be loitering la Croisette at the Cannes Film Festival the same week and we are chilling out at the end of our vacation in beautiful Mallorca. Do you think they'll allow toddlers at the Hotel du Cap restaurant?  I guess we'll see and I'll have to tell you about it! Ciao!

Playa Iletas Mallora, Spain - our final stopping point

Saturday, August 16, 2014

August Randoms

This summer has been the hottest in a long time so there's been very little time to chill for lap top dates to update all things SOAF.  But here are little tidbits...

Is that astroturf on the cafe table?!?

Another H-Clic Clac to add to the family. This one is a belated Momma's Day gift!

They seriously named these shooters Iguana something..
What's trippy is that my friend's clutch was the some colour!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Quirky & Colourful - Paris HC Street Style

Paris Haute Couture week is in full swing and the street style photos so far give the impression that some of these fashionistas are trying to out-do each other in the quirky category, non? Not that I mind, I love eclectic and experimental ensembles. The fun is in the mixing!

All photos except top right are by Tommy Ton courtesy of

All photos by Tommy Ton courtesy of

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Found: Seasons old Celine

A couple weeks back I joined other suburban moms and scoured Winner's. There on the clearance rack was a Celine skirt from Spring 2011 Runway. Still pricey by Winner's standards, but it was in near perfect condition. If the pattern looks familiar, that is probably because a well known self-worshipping rapper wore a women's shirt from that collection to perform at Coachella that year. He made headlines in the fashion world.

Anyhow, here is the skirt next to its runway presentation at Paris Fashion Week. Of course it looks completely different on me. I need to finish altering the waist and figure what to pair it with.. when I have more time!

Photo on right: Monica Feudi/

Phoebe Philo's choices of patterns and colours made a few pieces from that collection fairly distinct that season. Here is my style crush, Australian Vogue style director Christine Centenera, in a pair of S/S 2011 pants:


Style Inspiration

Leave it to life to get in the way of all things fun! Since going back to work after mat leave I haven't had much time to stalk social media or my favourite fashion resources.. so I allowed myself to slip into fashion apathy. Sad. Then I saw an Instagram photo of my friend KK at an event and it woke me up from my stupor. The photographer's hashtag of #stylelesson sums it up. She's a momma of 3 and General Director for Austrian-based Neft Vodka and can (and always did) effortlessly rock a her own unique style.  Who else would consider lace and leopard print?

Instagram photo by Artforma/Nina Tseleva

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Belated Western Canada Fashion Week Spring 2014 Follow up

We nabbed some front row seats with sponsor Belvedeere Vodka!
Wow, where did April go!?! I know why I flaked out on writing any SOAF posts- I returned to work after mat leave, that's why. Everyday I want to walk into the house and just crash. But I suppose it is a necessary adjustment for all working moms, especially new moms. And free time has gone by the way of the dodo bird.. that means less time catching up with most things online. Oh well, many parents manage so I am sure we'll figure things out and eventually whine less.

I have been meaning to post photos from my first outing to WC Fashion Week. It was a great experience and the spring collections were impressive. It sure taught me a lesson to pay more attention to local design talent!

L: My favourite look from the Stanley Carroll collection, Photo by Kelly Rosborough
R: Prints by Impair, Photo by June Nino Chua
A look from Jessica Halabi. Left photo's mine and right photo caught me taking it!
R: Photo by June Nino Chua

French-inspired looks by Grady Bleu. Photo by Ferd Isaac

A captivating gown by Melanie Rowe.. and moi caught texting. :)

And to answer my own question from my previous post about what to wear... I went with a 3.1 Phillip Lim dress, Chanel jacket & clutch, and Balenciaga glove booties!